Washington Heights & Inwood, NYC

How The George Washington Bridge Was Built

How The George Washington Bridge Was Built – History Of George Washington Bridge – History Channel

The Local’s Guide to: Washington Heights

Lifelong Washington Heights resident Dennis Golin takes us on a tour of the REAL Washington Heights—and the best spots for ping pong, bar trivia, pastries, and more. Special thanks to Adam Hemmert.

A Look at Inwood, Manhattan | Block by Block | The New York Times

Perched on the northernmost tip of Manhattan, Inwood offers parks, new restaurants and bars and some of the borough’s more affordable apartments.

Capoeira in Washington Heights

Since 1998 ABADÁ CAPOEIRA NYC (ACNYC) has been promoting the art of capoeira in the Washington Heights Community of Manhattan in New York City. This work has been led by Freddy Correa, a New Yorker of Dominican descendants who went to live in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to train under world renowned Capoeira Master, Mestre…